The National MS Society, in conjunction with the University of New Mexico School of Health, has put together a series, entitled Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care, of online articles geared towards nurses and other health professionals, who are new to the care of patients with MS. All of the articles are written by MS specialist nurses.

In addition, our nurse practitioner, Yolanda Harris, has given many talks, ranging from "After the diagnosis" to "Managing the symptoms." Use the links below to see the powerpoint slides from these talks so you can better understand the differences between adult and pediatric demyelination and how best to go about treating and caring for pediatric patients.

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Injection Site Reactions?
Tips on injection site reactions: 1) Use of proper injection technique. (Obtain retraining if necessary) 2) Site rotation to prevent site healing and promote circulation at site 3) Use of ice pack before and after injection 4) Massage site after injection 5) Your healthcare provider can prescribe numbing medication that can be used at the injection site prior to injection to alleviate pain 6) Avoid use of site that has prior irritation or rash

Flu-Like Symptoms?
Tips for flu-like symptoms 1) Inject before bedtime to sleep through symptoms 2) Take a analgesic/painkiller (Aleve or Motrin)prior to and after your injection as prescribed by your healthcare provider **Flu-like symptoms are self limiting and usually lesson over time.