Neurology Faculty Photo 2018

The Division of Pediatric Neurology serves to provide expertise in clinical care, education, research, and service for both the University and the Children’s of Alabama (COA) Health System.  The Division’s mission is manifold; to provide outstanding clinical care and management for children with neurologic disorders in the State of Alabama as well as the surrounding region, to offer a scope of services that guarantees a comprehensive ability to care for virtually any type of neuropathology, to educate our colleagues no matter the stage of training or area of health care, to develop new knowledge in the field that is worthy of dissemination, and to work with institutions and the community as advocates for children as well as for the ideal of exemplary health care.


Faculty in our division serve as educators and mentors to a variety of medical students, graduate students, residents, and fellows. 

Faculty & Staff

Division Director

Leon Dure, M.D.

Faculty List

Neurology Faculty


We work in collaboration with our nurse practitioners and nurses who help us deliver high quality care to our patients and their families.

Dorothy Taylor, RN, BSN-Nursing Team Leader

Lycia Harris, RN, MSN-Inpatient Case Manager/Educator

Shaneau Collins, RN-Nurse Clinician

Sara Ebersold, RN-Nurse Clinician

Rachal Jones, RN-Nurse Clinician

Melissa Lolley, RN-Nurse Clinician

Christina Mamaeva, RN-Nurse Clinician 

Linda Stephen, RN-Nurse Clinician

Alicia Wilson, RN-Nurse Clinician

Polly Borasino, CRNP-Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Samantha Weaver, MSN, CRNP-Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Sula Gillespie, CRNP-EMU Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Glenn, CRNP-EMU Nurse Practitioner

Mallory Murphy, CRNP-EMU Nurse Practitioner

Pamela Miller, RN-Epilepsy Surgery Coordinator

Yolanda Harris, RN, MSN, CRNP, MSCN, DNP-CPODD Coordinator

Sarah Middleton-CPODD Coordinator

Andre Frazier

Office Manager

Charmaine Echols- Residency Program Coordinator & Secretary

Daphanye Daniels- Neurophysiology Coordinator & Secretary

Kimberly Adams-Secretary

Clifshaun McElroy-Secretary

Alison Hopkins-Office Assistant