Clinical Quality Management Plan
It's not as hard as it looks!
Penny Jester, Project Manager

CASG Subcontract Basics
Sara Davis, Program Coordinator

Protocol Development
Lesa Rosato, Document Manager

Site Selection / Site Assessment Visit
Terry Byars, CASG Monitor

CASG Studies - Public Portal and Web Data Entry System
Charles Allcorn, SOPH System Analyst

Data Collection and Data Management
Joan Hilner, SOPH Program Director

CASG Statistics and Data Management Center
Gary Cutter, SOPH Professor of Biostatistics

Regulatory Documents Required for Site Activation
Susan Branscum, Pediatric Regulatory Administrator

Document Submission
Sam Hawes, Program Coordinator

SAE / Protocol Deviation
Bari Cotton, Research Nurse Coordinator

CRF / RSI Process
Nancy Grady, Research Nurse Coordinator

The Budget:  Putting the Pieces Together
Mary Wyatt Bowers, Program Manager

Helpful Hints for Site Organization
Dusty Giles, Research Nurse Coordinator