Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clemons Memorial Lecture

"Varicella-Zoster Infections: The New Frontier"
Anne Gershon, MD
Professor of  Pediatrics,
Columbia University Medical Center New York, New York

Surrogate Endpoints and Clinical Trials

"Principles of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Studies"  
Speaker:  Paul Griffiths, MD

"Viral Loads in Phase I, II and III Trials of New Antiviral Drugs" 
Speaker:  Barbara Styrt, MD, MPH

"Phase 2 and 3 Trials of Maribavir"
Speaker:  Michael Boeckh, MD
Not available

"Detection of CMV in Multiple Blood Compartments"
Speaker:  Raymond Razonable, MD
Not available

"Preemptive Therapy Based on Real Time Measurement of CMV Viral Load in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients"
Speaker: Nina Singh, MD

"Congenital CMV Viral Load and Other Biomarkers: Challenges and Potential Possibilities"
Speaker:  Suresh Boppana, MD

"Congenital CMV Viral Load - CASG Trials"
Speakers:  David Kimberlin, MD & Scott James, MD

Thursday, February 18, 2010 

Speaker: Richard Whitley, MD
Not available

"Year in Review"
Speaker:  Walla Dempsey, PhD
Not available 

"Adenovirus Infections in Transplant Recipients"
Speaker:  Lesia Dropulic, MD
Not available  

"BK Virus CASG 209 Update"
Speaker:  Ajit Limaye, MD

"CASG 103-104 Update"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

"Global Perspectives for H1N1"
Speaker: Fred Hayden, MD

"Resistance Monitoring for Influenza in the US and the World"
Speaker:  Lisa Gubareva, MD, PhD  

"Surrogate Endpoints for Influenza"
Speaker: Michael Ison, MD

"CASG 114 Influenza Update"
Speaker: David Kimberlin, MD

"Status of CMX001"
Speaker:  Wendy Painter, MD  

"CASG 214 - CMX001"
Speaker: John Gnann, Jr., MD
"ACV plus CMX001 Therapy of Encephalitis" 
Speaker:  Earl Kern, PhD

"CASG 112 CMV Update"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD  

"Resistance in CMV"
Speaker:  Mark Prichard, PhD

"Peramivir Studies CASG 117 and 118"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD

"Status of Permaivir - Globally"
Speaker:  Phil Collis, PhD

 Breakout Sessions 

"Pediatrics - CMV "
Speakers:  David Kimberlin, MD and Paul Griffiths, MD   

"Adult - Immunocompromised Host: BK virus/Adenovirus/EBV (CASG 209 and 214)"
Speaker:  John Gnann, MD

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Report from Surrogate Endpoint Workshop"
Speaker: Paul Griffiths, MD 
Not available 

"HSE CASG 204 Update"
Speaker: John Gnann, MD,        

"CASG 106 Update"
Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD

Breakout Sessions 

 "Pediatrics:  Influenza / Adenovirus"
  Speaker:  David Kimberlin, MD      
 "Adults:  Influenza and Respiratory Viruses:  New Directions?"
  Speaker:  John Gnann, MD




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