Welcome to the UAB Med-Peds Website!

On behalf of our UAB Med-Peds Family, we are excited that you are considering our program!

Choosing a residency program is a big decision that will impact the rest of your career. We hope that you will come to UAB and learn more about our program and what makes us one of the best Med-Peds Programs in the country! 

What makes our residency great? It comes down to 3 P’s --people, place, and program.

Without a doubt, the people at UAB make this residency top of the line!

Our amazing program director, J.R. Hartig, meets with each resident one on one throughout each year providing guidance to help us succeed and achieve our individualized career goals for the future. He serves not only as a mentor, but as an advocate who is dedicated to ensuring we are fully integrated within the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics categorical programs. He also has a strong presence on our inpatient and clinic rotations and is well known for his phenomenal teaching, compassionate bedside manner and uncanny ability to relate to residents and make us laugh.  Words cannot adequately describe how lucky I am to have the awesome fellow Med-Peds residents by my side throughout this journey.  The sixteen of us have such a unique bond as we can relate to each other and the challenges of navigating two residencies in one. The camaraderie of a close knit residency program makes residency easier and FUN!  Our co-residents, faculty, and medical professionals at UAB and Children’s of Alabama have all made a significant impact in my life and my future career!

Not being a Birmingham native, I had no idea what to expect!  I have been pleasantly surprised with how much this unique city has to offer and every single expectation has been exceeded!  There is something here for EVERYONE – hiking, farmers markets, microbreweries, running clubs, lakes, boutique shopping, booming foodie community, concerts, close proximity to the beach AND mountains.  Location was important to me when I was searching for the right residency program, and I couldn’t have asked for a better city! 

Programing was at the top of my list when considering residencies and honestly one of the main reasons I was drawn to UAB. Our program benefits from being fully integrated in two strong categorical programs.  There are several specialized tracks we can participate in and are encouraged early on to customize our schedule based on our personal career goals.  Both sides offer areas of research as well as quality improvement.  Alongside J.R., we are also fortunate to have exceptional program directors and faculty on both sides who treat us as their own and are always available for teaching, mentoring and research opportunities. We are so lucky to have mentors who are so committed to our success!  Our morning reports and noon conferences are outstanding, and I always walk away with several learning pearls.  In addition, we have two Med-Peds conferences per month where we can all come together and enjoy learning together. We also plan program sponsored events every 1-2 months with lots of informal get togethers in between. 

As I am looking to the next stage of my career, I can truly say that I am so thankful for UAB providing me with a residency program that prepared me to take care of complicated pediatric and adult patients in any setting. I have learned so much from exposure to a vast array of complex medical diagnoses and have had the opportunity to become a part of a culture committed to education, hands on learning, balance, and autonomy. All of this combined has given our residents the tools and skills needed achieve success! 

Please let me know how I can help as you search for the Med-Peds program that is right for you. Feel free to email me with any questions. Best of luck on the interview trail and we look forward to meeting you here at UAB!

Emily Bufkin, M.D.