Faculty ResearchSSPR_Shruti


Dr. Mark Baker:
- Disaster preparedness & response
- Ultrasound

Dr. Steve Baldwin:
-Information Systems

Dr. Jud Barber:

Dr. David Bernard:
-Medical Director for SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)
-Medical Director for Sexual Abuse Services CHIPS

Dr. Terri Coco:
-Baby Safety Shower Intervention for New Mothers
-Surveillance of Child Injuries Associated with Shoe Types

Dr. Valerie Davis:
-Utility of Blood Cultures in Community Acquired Pneumonia
-Asthma Education

Dr. Peter Glaeser:
-EMS Issues. Clinical research in pediatric emergency medicine with a focus on prehospital care/interventions. 

Dr. Nicole Jones
-Disaster Medicine

 Dr. Ann Klasner
-PI for EMSC Grant "Addressing Performance Measures: EMSC Advisory Board and Equipment/Data Compliance"
-Interested in competency based educational outcomes research

Dr. Erica Liebelt:
-Parents' Management Strategies with Antipyretics for Fever Reduction in Children
-Stocking of Poison Antidotes in Alabama Hospital Pharmacies
-A Descriptive Analysis of EpiPen Autoinjectors Exposures in the United States 
-Safety of IV Infusion Pumps
-Chemotherapy medication errors

Dr. Heather Mitchell
-Injury/Violence Prevention

Dr. Kathy Monroe:
-PI Injury Free Coalition for Kids Bham AL---- activities have included Injury Free Fair, Baby Safety Showers, Injury/advocacy education.
-Teen Safety Intervention in the ED 
-Helmet use documentation
-ATV injuries
-Pediatric Burn Injuries presented at injury free conference

Dr. Michele Nichols:
-Co-PI Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Birmingham, AL ----- activities have included Injury Free Fair, Baby Safety Showers, Injury/advocacy education.
-Other activities: m-power free health clinic, injury/advocacy resident rotation, Poison Control Center
-Research interest includes: ATV injuries, poisonings and education
-Director, Pediatric Residency Program

Dr. Melissa Peters:
-Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Christopher Pruitt:
- Physician practices in diagnosis & management of bronchiolitis
- BiPAP in status asthmaticus
-Hypothermia and Cardiac Arrest

Dr. Annalise Sorrentino:
-President, ALACEP
-Chair, Pediatric Section, ACEP
-Editor, The Polhill Report: Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

Dr. Marjorie Lee White:
- Simulation


Fellow Research

Dr. Worth Barbour:
- Usefulness of ultrasound in musculoskeletal injuries primarily in the elbow

Dr. Christine Campbell

Dr. Shea Duerring

Dr. Pallavi Ghuge

Dr. Johanna Hall

Dr. Laura Lindsay
- Pilot survey of Emergency Medical Service Provider Emergent Handoffs.

Dr. Kimberly Massey

Dr. Arianna Shirk:
-Team STEPPS Training and Simulation

Dr. David Smith
-A randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of Intranasal Lidocraine vs Placebo in relieving pain during Intranasal versed administration.

Dr. Rami Sunallah
-Assessment of cervical spine movement during endotrachael intubation of pediatric manikin.