Mitchell B. Cohen, M.D.

Katharine Reynolds Ireland Professor
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Physician in Chief, Children's of Alabama

Vice Chairmen

Smita Bhatia, MD - Vice-Chair for Outcomes
Michele H. Nichols, MD - Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs
Peter Glaeser, MD - Vice-Chair for Clinical Affairs
David Kimberlin, MD - Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research
Richard J. Whitley, MD - Vice-Chair for Research

 (205-638-9072)   220-CPP   
Dr. Prescott Atkinson  Professor/ Director
Dr. Coralie S. Hains  Associate Professor
Dr. Suthida Kankirawatana      Assistant Professor
176F - Suite 9100
Dr. Yung R. Lau  Professor / Director
Dr. Edward V. Colvin Professor
Dr. Wally F. Carlo  Assistant Professor
Dr. Walter H. Johnson  Professor
Dr. Mark Law Associate Professor
Dr. William S. McMahon        Professor
Dr. F. Bennett Pearce  Professor
Dr. Robb L. Romp  Associate Professor
Dr. Jeffrey Alten Professor
Dr. Santiago Borasino Associate Professor
Dr. Kimberly Jackson Assistant Professor
Dr. Yuvraj Kalra Assistant Professor
Dr. Leslie Rhodes Assistant Professor
Dr. Hayden Zaccangi Assistant Professor
William D. King, PhD                Professor/ Director
(205-638-9387)    CPPI Suite 102  
Dr. Margaret Winkler      Professor/ Director
Dr. Mark Buckmaster Associate Professor
Dr. Leslie Hayes Associate Professor
Dr. Michele Kong  Assistant Professor
Dr. Priya Prabhakaran Associate Professor
Dr. Stephen Robert Assistant Professor
Dr. Chrystal Rutledge Assistant Professor
Dr. William Sasser Assistant Professor
Dr. Nancy Tofil Associate Professor
(205-638-9587), 210-CPP   
Dr. Peter Glaeser  Professor / Director
Dr. Mark Baker Associate Professor
Dr. Steven T. Baldwin  Professor
Dr. Judson Barber  Associate Professor
Dr. David W. Bernard  Professor
Dr. Teresa Coco Associate Professor
Dr. Catherine Cotney Instructor
Dr. Valerie Davis Assistant Professor
Dr. Pallavi Ghuge Assistant Professor
Dr. Terry Hope  Instructor
Dr. Nicole Jones Assistant Professor
Dr. Ann Klasner  Professor
Dr. Patricia LaBorde Instructor
Dr. Florence Lee Instructor
Dr. Erica Liebelt  Professor
Dr. Laurie Marzullo Assistant Professor
Dr. Heather Mitchell Assistant Professor
Dr. Kathy W. Monroe     Professor
Dr. Michele H. Nichols  Professor
Dr. Melissa Peters Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher Pruitt Assistant Professor
Dr. Paul Schneider Assistant Professor 
Dr. Annalise Sorrentino  Professor
Dr. Marjorie Lee White    Associate Professor
(205-638-9107)  230-CPP  
Dr. Kenneth McCormick  Professor/ Director
Dr. Hussein Abdul-Latif Associate Professor
Dr. Ambika Ashraf Associate Professor
Dr. Joycelyn Atchison  Professor
Dr. Caroline Colvin  Assistant Professor
Dr. Gail Mick  Professor
Dr. Mary Lauren Scott   Assistant Professor 
Dr. Michael Stalvey Assistant Professor 
(205-638-9918)  Lowder 618  
Dr. Reed Dimmitt Professor/ Director
Dr. Traci Jester Assistant Professor
Dr. Jeanine Maclin  Assistant Professor
Dr. Jose Mestre Professor
Dr. Janaina Nogueira Assistant Professor
CPPI, 3rd Floor  
Dr. Justin Schwartz Assistant Professor
(205-638-9585)  410-CPP  
Dr. Carolyn S. Ashworth  Professor/ Director
Dr. Jennie Andresen Assistant Professor
Dr. Allury Arora Assistant Professor
Dr. Cason Benton Associate Professor
Krista Casazza, PhD Associate Professor
Dr. Allison Cavender Instructor/Sparks
Dr. Jennifer Chambers  Assistant Professor
Dr. Candice Dye Assistant Professor
Dr. Crayton A. Fargason  Professor 
Dr. DeeAnne Jackson      Associate Professor
Dr. Snehal Khatri Associate Professor
Dr. Jamie McKinney Assistant Professor
Dr. Carin Richard-Kiser Assistant Professor
Dr. Myriam Peralta-Carcelen  Professor
Dr. April Truett Instructor
Dr. Terry C. Wall  Professor
 Adolescent Medicine
Heather Austin, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Nefertiti Durant Associate Professor
Dr. Tina Simpson Associate Professor
Dr. Marsha S. Sturdevant    Professor
Dr. Stephenie Wallace Associate Professor
(205-638-9285)   Lowder 512  
Dr. Raymond G. Watts Professor/ Director
Dr. Elizabeth Alva Instructor
Dr. Christy Bemrich-Stolz Instructor
Dr. Smita Bhatia Professor
Dr. Joseph Chewning Associate Professor
Dr. Stuart Cramer  Instructor
Dr. Gregory Friedman Associate Professor
Dr.  Frederick Goldman Professor
Dr. Hilary Haines Assistant Professor
Dr. Lee M. Hilliard  Professor
Dr. Thomas Howard Professor
Dr. Matthew Kutny   Assistant Professor
Wendy Landier, PhD, RN Associate Professor
Dr. Jeffrey Lebensburger Assistant Professor
Dr. Matthew LeBlanc Instructor
Avi Madan-Swain, PhD      Associate Professor
Dr. Alyssa Reddy   Professor
Purnima Singh, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Kimberly Whelan Associate Professor
Dr. Julie Wolfson Assistant Professor
Dr. Ana Xavier Assistant Professor
(205-638-9922) McWane 108  
Dr. Robert F. Pass Professor / Director
Dr. Stephanie Berger Assistant Professor 
Dr. Emily Casey Assistant Professor
Dr. James Gambrell Assistant Professor
Dr. Jed Kinnick Instructor
Dr. Sri Narayanan Assistant Professor
Dr. Lauren Nassetta Assistant Professor
Dr. Mary Orr Instructor
Dr. Nichole Samuy  Assistant Professor
Dr. Paul Scalici Assistant Professor 
Dr. Susan Walley Associate Professor
Dr. Chang Wu Assistant Professor
(205-934-2441)  308-CHB   
Dr. Richard J. Whitley  Professor/ Director
Dr. David W. Kimberlin       Prof & Co-Director
Mary Ballestas, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Suresh Boppana  Professor
Dr. William J. Britt  Professor
Dr. Marilyn J. Crain  Associate Professor
Maaike Everts, PhD Associate Professor
Dr. Karen Fowler Professor
Dr. S. Cecelia Hutto Professor
Dr. Scott James Assistant Professor
Mark Prichard, PhD Professor
Debra Quenelle, PhD Associate Professor
Dr. Shannon Ross Associate Professor
Veronica Sanchez, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Sergio Stagno  Chair Emeritus & Distinguished Professor
(205-934-4680)176F - Suite 9380  
Dr. Waldemar A. Carlo  Professor/ Director
Dr. Namasivayam
Professor &
Dr. Allison Black Assistant Professor
Dr. Kathryn Buchan  Assistant Professor
Dr. Carl H. Coghill Professor
Dr. George El Ferzli Assistant Professor
Dr. Hannah Hightower Assistant Professor
Dr. Tamas Jilling Associate Professor
Dr. Jegen Kandasamy Assistant Professor
Dr. Virginia A. Karle           Professor
Dr. Charitharth Lal Assistant Professor
Dr. Albert Manasyan (Zambia) Instructor
Dr. Joseph B. Philips Professor
Dr. Maran Ramani Assistant Professor
Dr. Ariel Salas Assistant Professor
Dr. Brian Sims Associate Professor
Dr. Trent Tipple Associate Professor
Dr. Rune Toms Associate Professor
Dr. Lindy Winter Associate Professor
(205-638-9781)  Lowder 516  
Dr. Daniel Feig Professor/ Director
Dr. David Askenazi Associate Professor
Dr. Sahar Fathallah-Shaykh Associate Professor
Dr. Michael Seifert Assistant Professor
Dr. Monica Tucci-Cramer Assistant Professor
(205-996-7850)   314-CHB  
Dr. Leon S. Dure  Professor/ Director
Dr. Pierre Fequiere Assistant Professor
Dr. Monisha Goyal Professor
Dr. Katherine Hammond Assistant Professor
Dr. Krisztina Harsanyi-Jilling Assistant Professor
Dr. Pongkiat Kankirawatana  Associate Professor
Dr. Jan Mathisen Professor
Dr. Tony McGrath Associate Professor
Dr. Jayne Ness  Associate Professor
Dr. Alan K. Percy  Professor
Dr. Rani Singh Assistant Professor
(205-638-9583)   Lowder 620  
Dr. Hector Gutierrez  Professor & Director
Dr. Kristin Avis Associate Professor
Dr. Jennifer Guimbellot Instructor
Dr. William Harris Assistant Professor
Dr. Wyn Hoover Associate Professor
Claire Lenker, PhD Associate Professor
Dr. Isabel Lowell Associate Professor
Dr. David Lozano Associate Professor
Dr. Mary Halsey Maddox  Assistant Professor
Dr. Teri Magruder Associate Professor
Valerie Tarn, PhD Assistant Professor
Dr. Brad Troxler Assistant Professor
Huntsville Campus (256-551-4600)
Dr. Gerald Judy Associate Professor
Dr. Vinit Mahesh Associate Professor

(205-638-9790)  Lowder 406    
Dr. Drew Davis Associate Professor/ Director
Dr. Paola "Lala" Mendoza
Assistant Professor
Dr. Erin Swanson                          Assistant Professor
(205-638-9438)  210-CPPII  
Dr. Randy Cron Professor/ Director
Dr. Tim Beukelman Associate Professor
Dr. Robert Lowe Assistant Professor
Dr. Melissa Mannion Instructor
Dr. Matthew Stoll Associate Professor
Dr. Peter Weiser  Assistant Professor