Referring Physician Information

Office/Appt Phone: 205-996-7850

Fax # 205-638-2008 Outpatient Clinics

Fax # 205-212-2008

Appointments may be scheduled by phone or by faxing an appointment request form. It is very important to the patient’s visit that all records regarding the reason the neurological consultation is being requested are sent. This helps to ensure the patient is scheduled with the appropriate specialist and avoids delays in diagnosis and duplicating testing.

Fax all relevant records, labs, MRIs, CTs, and EEGs

Please send all relevant imaging to the appointment with the patient.

Child Neurology has strict appointment guidelines and no show policies to utilize the available appointments for maximum efficiency. Next available appointments can be scheduled months out. The office staff schedule all neurology appointments and use the confirmation process as a system to work in patients that need to be seen sooner. The referring physician is also welcome to speak to the attending neurologist at any time to determine acuity