The 2018 graduating class presented the following awards at their Graduation Banquet on Friday, June 1. 

Michele St. Romain Award

Robert D. Sellers IV, M.D.


This award recognizes a graduating resident with the finest qualities of a pediatrician: enthusiasm, compassion, and dedication to the care of children. 

 Ralph E. Tiller, M.D. Distinguished Faculty Award

 Morissa Ladinsky, M.D., Academic General Pediatrics and Christiana Cochran, M.D., Pediatric Emergency Medicine


This award recognizes a faculty member who has contributed the most to overall education and training. 

Sergio Stagno, M.D. Friend of the Housestaff Award

Morissa Ladinsky, M.D. 


This award recognizes an individual demonstrating a strong commitment to resident education and quality of life. 

Quarterback Subspecialty Education Award

Lydia Marcus, M.D.-Child Neurology Fellow


This award recognizes a selected fellow’s contributions to resident education. 

Best Teaching Rotation Award



This award recognizes the rotation that is viewed to be the best teaching rotation by the graduating class.