MooreSB portrait copy2x3Stephanie Moore, Ph.D., Pediatric Infectious Diseases, has been named the new associate director of the Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance (ADDA) effective September 1st. Dr. Moore is taking over the position from Dr. Maaike Everts after her departure from UAB in June. Dr. Moore has a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and a doctorate in molecular and cellular pathology, both from UAB. For the past four years, she has directed research in the lab of Dr. Trent Tipple, Neonatology, focusing on studies related to neonatology including hypoxic stress in neonatal mice and effects of selenium on pregnancy and birth outcomes. Prior to that, she completed rotations in the labs of Dr. Lou Del’Italia, Pathology, Dr. Larry DeLucas, Biophysics and Dr. Matthew Renfrow, Biochemistry, which has provided her with a breadth of experience in research labs across the UAB campus.

Congratulations Dr. Moore!