Nassetta LaurenForWebThe Department of Pediatrics is pleased to announce Lauren Nassetta, M.D., Pediatric Hospital Medicine, as the chief wellness officer (CWO) for the department. “Before COVID-19, which was actually not so long ago, I asked Lauren Nassetta to be the chief wellness officer for the department,” said Dr. Cohen. “Dr. Nassetta has been a champion for faculty and trainee wellness and was an obvious and outstanding choice for the role. I promise to listen to her, and I hope you will too.”

The CWO will be a central and senior advocate for prioritizing and promoting the well-being of all professionals, especially faculty, in the department. This role will have the authority and ability to have a positive influence on the department’s culture.

“I am thrilled to be the chief wellness officer for UAB Department of Pediatrics,” said Dr. Nassetta. “I hope to provide wellness opportunities and resources and promote the importance of wellness in the department. The goals Dr. Nassetta has for this new role include:

  • Providing opportunities for members of the department to improve whole-person wellness. Opportunities are not mandates. The purpose of this role is not to inflict wellness.

  • Advocating for environments and systems that support faculty and trainees and work with leaders to decrease stressors and barriers to thriving.

  • Attempting to lead by example, though it might be imperfect. There will likely be times where a little grace and understanding will be needed as this role continues to grow.

Dr. Nassetta will work closely with Tina Simpson, M.D., in the Office for Faculty Development to raise awareness about the importance of wellness and mental health, promote engagement and continue her leadership in this important area. Look for the Wellness Corner section in FYI Fridays each week for resources and opportunities and visit the Faculty Wellness website for additional information.