LCMentorsImageMedical students at the UAB School of Medicine participate in the learning communities (LC) course across all four years of medical school. Housestaff members from across UAB are selected each year to serve as mentors for students in these LCs.

Fourteen Department of Pediatric trainees were selected to serve as Learning Community Housestaff Mentors for 2021-2022.

Below is the list of the fellows and residents selected to be mentors.

Pediatric Residents

Leah Bittles, M.D.
Gabriel Daniels, M.D. Pediatrics
Sarah Fleisher, M.D. Pediatrics
Adarsh Kulkarni, M.D. Pediatrics
Grace Spears, M.D. Pediatrics

Med-Peds Residents

Joe Bradsher, M.D. Med-Peds
Andy Marshall, M.D. Med-Peds
Susmita Murthy, M.D. Med-Peds


Daniel Reiff Pediatrics, M.D.  – Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship
Nick Rockwell, M.D. - Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship
Michelle Veters, M.D. - Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship
Leen Matalka, M.D.  - Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Fellowship
Meghan Harrison, M.D.  - Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship
Luke Burton, M.D. - Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship

Students are assigned to one of eleven LCs at the start of medical school, and they stay in these LCs until graduation. Learning communities are groups of approximately 60-80 students (15-20 per class), which form the basis for medical student community. LCs meet on a regular basis throughout medical school, covering a wide variety of topics, including ethics, student wellness, professionalism, and communication skills. Sessions are aimed to develop skills that students need to become healthy, successful people and physician leaders.