The Newborn Follow-up Clinic is a regional multi-disciplinary developmental clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Children qualify for this clinic if they were classified as extremely low birth weight (under 1000 grams or 2lbs 3oz), were born less than 29 weeks, had a severe congenital heart defect, had the procedure of ECMO, and other groups of child with high risk conditions. They are referred to the clinic from various regional NICUs, including UAB Hospital and Children’s of Alabama and pediatricians from around the state.

The Newborn Follow-up Clinic has been following groups of high-risk children since its inception in 1977. The program assesses the progress of these children who have an increased likelihood for developmental problems that may appear gradually over the first few years of life. Follow-up evaluations are done to identify problems in either physical growth or development.

In a typical clinic visit, the child will potentially see a developmental pediatrician, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, occupational therapist, audiologist, psychologist, optometrist and social worker. The evaluations done at this clinic will involve “playing” with your child. Evaluations will be done at each visit and will vary depending on the age of your child. These evaluations may include tests of physical abilities, intelligence, vision, hearing or nutrition.

The clinic staff can be reached or a referral to the clinic can be made by calling the office number at 205-638-6966.

Assure the Best for your Baby's Physical Development Handbook