1. How does my child qualify for this clinic?
Children qualify for this clinic if they were classified as extremely low birth weight (under 1,000 grams or 2 lbs. 3 oz); were born less than 29 weeks, had a severe congenital heart defect, had the procedure of ECMO, and other groups of child with high risk conditions.

2. What are the benefits of participating in the Newborn Follow Up Program?
The clinic assists your child’s doctor by offering a variety of special examinations and tests to see if children are meeting developmental milestones. These tests are not usually done in your pediatrician’s office. The developmental evaluations may detect a problem early and treatment or further evaluation can be started in a timely manner.

3. How do I get an appointment set up for my child?
Upon discharge from the NICU at the hospital, the discharge nurse will set up an appointment for the child. This information will be relayed to the parent during discharge. All additional appointments will be made directly through the NBFU Clinic during appointment days.

4. How much does it cost to have my child seen at the clinic?
The evaluations and medical care provided to your child during these visits will be billed to your insurance company in the usual manner. If your child is eligible to participate in the NICHD Neonatal Research Network Follow Up Study, the psychological evaluation performed at the 18-month follow up visit will be paid for.

5. What are the clinic hours and location?
The Newborn Follow Up Clinic office is open Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm. Our office phone number is (205)638-6966 and the fax number is (205) 934-7566. We have clinic on Thursdays and Fridays only. We can be reached in the clinic on Thursday and Friday only, at (205)934-1082. Free parking is available in a gated lot located beside the building. We will give patients the code to exit the lot at the end of their visit. Our address is 930 20th St. South, Suite 110, Birmingham, AL 35205.

6. How long will the visit last?
Because your child will essentially get four to five different services in one clinic visit, each visit will last approximately two to three hours.

7. What if the doctors find something wrong with my child? Will they treat him/her at clinic?
No, this clinic does not provide treatment. The specialists will evaluate the child and make referrals for specific treatments.

8. Will coming to the Newborn Follow Up Clinic replace my pediatrician visits?
No, it is essential that your child continue his regular visits to the pediatrician. The Newborn Follow Up Clinic is a well baby clinic that is considered a specialty clinic. We are multidisciplinary focusing on growth and development; this means your child has the potential to see: a developmental pediatrician, physical/occupational therapist, nutritionist, audiologist, psychologist, optometrist, and a nurse all in one visit.

9. What is the NICHD Neonatal Research Network Follow Up Study?
If your child was born at UAB and was less than 27 weeks gestational age at birth, or if your child participated in a study sponsored by the NICHD Neonatal Research Network during their hospitalization at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at UAB and/or The Children's Hospital of Alabama, your child is eligible for the NICHD Network Follow-Up Study.

10. Do I get paid if my child qualifies for the NICHD Network study?
If the child is eligible, you may be able to receive travel reimbursement during the 18 month follow up visit only to ensure your child’s participation in this study.