The Aerodigestive Program (ADP) at Children's of Alabama serves the complex medical needs of children with airway, respiratory, gastrointestinal and feeding concerns. The program's main purpose is to improve the lives of children with complex medical issues through improved care coordination. We combine the expertise of pediatric subspecialists (ENT, Pulmonary, GI and Feeding, Pediatric Surgery, and other subspecialties) to develop coordinated care plans with multidisciplinary follow-up. We strive to improve the care experience and provide optimized health outcomes.

Our program uniquely brings together pediatric subspecialty physicians and health professionals to comprehensively evaluate and manage complex airway, feeding or nutritional difficulties.

The coordinated care provided by the ADP will streamline the medical process, coordinating procedures and clinical evaluation with a collaboratively developed care plan. The ADP brings together a comprehensive medical team to organize your child's individualized care plan.

We provide the only Aerodigestive program in Alabama and one of very few that are available nationally. In the near future, we will also be providing the only Intensive Feeding Program in the State of Alabama. We provide subspecialty therapists who offer a spectrum of services that are necessary in the care of children with complex airway and nutritional symptoms. After being referred to the Aerodigestive Clinic, your child will be seen by a multidisciplinary team consisting of pulmonary specialists and/or gastrointestinal specialists to create a personalized treatment plan to meet the comprehensive needs of the child.

 Making a referral to the Aerodigestive Program.

To make a referral to the ADC, email Ashley Chapman at or call her at 205.638.3447. Your child's medical history will be discussed at our joint Aerodigestive conference meeting and a care plan developed. We will request that you send us all relevant medical records regarding the care of your child. These can be sent by mail or faxed to 205.638.2460.

Mailing Address

Children's of Alabama

1600 7th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35233

Attn: Ashley Chapman

We also request that all radiologic imaging be sent to us on a CD for our specialists to review. Depending on your child's needs, we will schedule appointments with our otolaryngologists, pulmonologists and gastroenterologists. Other appointments with specialists will be coordinated if needed.