GirlAtoddlerWelcome to UAB’s Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) and Continuing Care Nursery (CCN). We understand that seeing your baby in the hospital is a difficult and stressful time. But the RNICU and CCN medical staff is here to provide answers, support and comfort during every moment of your baby’s hospital stay. We will give you and your baby the best care possible.

Read on for more information for families of new patients, as well as information about Birmingham, our staff and events.

Message from the Nurse Managers

Important Phone Numbers

These are important phone numbers to help you find answers to your questions and stay connected to your baby while he or she is in the RNICU or CCN.

Staying Connected to Your Baby in the RNICU and CCN

We understand that you’re thinking about your new baby all the time – especially when you’re apart. That’s why we welcome you to call and check on your baby as much as you like. You may have fears and concerns, or you may just need to hear a friendly voice. We’re here to answer questions about your baby’s condition any time you need us.

Spending Time in the Nursery

While your baby is in our care, we want you to think of the RNICU or CCN as your child’s home away from home. As parents, you’re the most important part of your baby’s care team. We never consider you to be guests in the nursery. We understand that some family members and close friends may want to give their support by spending time with your baby in the nursery every once in a while. And we welcome their support! But we also need your help in making sure that all family members and friends who spend time in the nursery follow a few guidelines. This will help us better protect your baby’s health and privacy.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is the best way to prevent infections. It’s an easy way to help keep your little one safe. Please read the following hand washing steps carefully. Then, help us ensure that family members and friends spending time with your baby are following these steps.


You’ll learn helpful information about how to begin pumping breast milk for your baby. And don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of help getting started. Experienced lactation consultants from the UAB Hospital Lactation Department are ready to teach, support and guide you every step of the way.

Insurance Reminders

We understand that you have a lot of things on your mind right now. We want to help by sharing a few important insurance reminders, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Roles in the Nursery

At UAB Hospital’s RNICU and CCN, we use a team approach to care for your baby. We bring together several medical experts as part of the team, so we’re able to give your baby advanced care in one comfortable, secure location. Remember that as a parent, we consider you to be the most important part of the team caring for your baby. That’s why all of the RNICU and CCN professionals look forward to working with you during every step of your baby’s care. Here you’ll find a short description of some of the special people who will be caring for your baby.

The March of Dimes Family Support Project

The March of Dimes Family Support Project is here to give families just like you a helping hand of support and encouragement. We even help you connect with other family members of RNICU and CCN babies. This special program was created with the help of current and former RNICU families across the country. March of Dimes Family Support carries out the important work of helping family members of newborns in the RNICU and CCN. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Activity Calendar

The March of Dimes RNICU and CCN Family Support Project and UAB Hospital are excited to offer a number of different classes and activities that may be helpful and enjoyable for you and your family while your baby is hospitalized. These activities include Scrapbooking, a Breastfeeding Luncheon, Discharge class, Parent Hour, Lunch for An Expectant Bunch (Bedrest Moms) and Worship Services.


Our office is housed on the 9th Floor of the Womens and Infants Building
located at 1700 6th Avenue South, Suite 9380.

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