DureDue to its geographic location, the Division of Pediatric Neurology has evolved into a service capable of managing virtually any type of neurologic disorder in children with a high degree of skill and expertise.  Consultation and care for inpatients is provided by members of the Division at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, the Regional NICU at University Hospital, and occasionally for pediatric patients who may be hospitalized in another unit within University Hospital. Outpatient care occurs in two locations, the Children’s Hospital of Alabama and the Children’s South outpatient facility. Dr. Mathisen, Dr. Hammond, and Dr. Hopper are located at Children’s South.

All clinical faculty are engaged in general neurology patient care, with the exception of Drs. Mohamed, Kankirawatana, Lalor, Barkan, and Goyal who only see epilepsy patients.  Below are additional subspecialty clinics in which we collaborate. 

Chiari Clinic

Leon Dure, M.D.
(In Neurosurgery Clinic)

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Demyelinating Disease Clinic (CPODD)

Jayne Ness, M.D.

Lydia Marcus, M.D.

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Samuel Hopper, M.D.

Samantha Weaver, CRNP

Scott Turner, DNP

Hospital Follow-up Clinic

Sarah Novara, M.D.

Jayne Ness, M.D.

MDA Clinic

Multidisciplinary clinic

Han Phan, M.D.

Mike Lopez, M.D., Ph.D.

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Mitochondrial Diseases

Leon Dure, M.D.

Amitha Ananth, M.D.


In collaboration with UAB Genetics

Amitha Ananth, M.D.

Sleep Disorders

Krisztina Harsanyi-Jilling, M.D.
(seen in Pulmonary Clinic)


Other Clinics

UAB Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic