Chris Makris, MD
Medical Director

Provides medical oversight to the CHRU, including working hand-in-hand with the Operations Director to:

  • Develop and establish CHRU Policies and Procedures
  • Oversight and review of CHRU operating costs and budgets
  • Identify service streams for investigators, including CHS and CTSA services
  • Serve as a CHRU liaison to investigators on and off-campus
  • Provide regular updates to CHS and UAB leadership regarding CHRU operations

Heather Hathorne
Operations Director                                                                                           

Provides day to day oversight to the CHRU operations, including:

  • Aids the Medical Director in the development and establishment of CHRU Policies and Procedures
  • Communicates regularly with the Medical Director regarding CHRU operations
  • Develops and tracks CHRU budgets
  • Liaison to RCs and investigators to develop and implement research protocols utilizing the CHRU, including matching of protocols with appropriate support personnel and services (eg: CTSA or CHS subcontracted support personnel)
  • Aids the Medical Director in developing summary reports and presentations for UAB and CHS leadership

Scheduling Administrator

Serves as first point of contact to the CHRU for investigators and other research personnel.

  • Provides administrative support to the Medical Director and the Director of CHRU Operations
  • Schedules rooms and services for utilization of the CHRU for approved protocols (under direction by the Medical Director/Director of Operations)
  • Schedules and attends meetings involving the CHRU Directors and CHRU Oversight Committee

CHRU Oversight Committee (CHRU-OC)

  • An appointed committee (by the CHRU Medical Director and Director of Operations) comprised of leadership with the UAB DOP, CHS, and the UAB CTSA charged with providing guidance in the operations of the CHRU.

CHRU Study Review and Implementation Committee (CHRU-SRC)

  • A subcommittee of the CHRU Oversight Committee charged with reviewing clinical protocols (inclusive of the IRB submission/approval and the CHRU study form), developing mechanisms of clinical trial conduct specific for each approved protocol, and aiding investigators and study team members with the execution of approved protocols.