Outpatient appointments: 205.638.9790 and choose Option 1 to schedule an outpatient appointment.

Inpatient referrals: To make an inpatient referral, e-mail Patricia Clark, RN at Patricia.clark@childrensal.org.  Patricia Clark can also be contacted by phone at 205-638-2204.

General information: 205-638-7277 or e-mail Victoria Gibbs, rehabservices@childrensal.org for general information.

Directions to our facilities
Children’s of Alabama Main Campus 
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Phone: 205-638-9790
Fax: 205-638-9793
Main campus map (PDF)

Children’s South
1940 Elmer J. Bissell Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

Division of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine | 1600 7th Avenue South | 5 Dearth, McWane 5601 | Birmingham, Alabama 35233

Phone: 205.638.9790
Fax: 205.638.9793