After Graduation

Graduates from the UAB Pediatrics Residency Program are well-equipped to enter into any fellowship or general pediatrics practice. On average, approximately 50% of our graduates go into primary care and 50% enter into fellowships.   In the past several years, our graduates have matched in fellowships across the country in all specialties. Those practicing primary care have joined practices in the state of Alabama as well as other states across the nation. We have also had many graduates become hospitalists both here at Children’s as well as other institutions around the country. Below is a list of career paths our residents have chosen in the past few years:

2014 Graduates:
Megan G. Brennard, M.D.    
Clay T. Cohen, M.D.            
Kimberly A. Coveney, M.D.   
Sanmati R. Cuddapah, M.D.  
Jennifer H. Davenport, M.D.   
Kristin L. Dietiker, M.D.         
Roopan E. Farris, M.D.          
Allison C. Faugot, M.D.        
J. Tyler Fuqua, M.D.            
Tracey W. George, M.D.      
Madhura A. Hallman, M.D.    
Hayley F. Hamilton, M.D.      
Katherine E.M. Hoops, M.D. 
Andrew W. Hurd, M.D.          
Joanna M. Kaczmarska, M.D. 
Florence L. Lee, M.D.              
Vershanna E. Morris, M.D.    
Ashley C. Newell, M.D., M.Ed 
Cleon L. Rogers, M.D.              
A. Nicki Sims, M.D.                 
Cassi N. Smola, M.D.              
Megan V. Yanik, M.D.         
Yassmin A. Yousef, M.D.        
Emergency Medicine, UAB
2014-2015 Chief Resident
Hospital Medicine, St. Louis, MO                                              
Medical Genetics, UAB
Hospital Medicine, UAB
Hospital Medicine, Springfield, MO
General Medicine/Pediatrics, Gardendale, AL
General Pediatrics, Lafayette, LA    
General Medicine/Pediatrics, Gardendale, AL
General Pediatrics, Baltimore, M.D.
Hospital Medicine, UAB
Hospital Medicine, Nashville, TN
Hospital Medicine, UAB
Neurology, University of Texas-Southwestern
General Pediatrics, Shelbyville, TN 
Hospital Medicine, UAB
Neonatology, University of Texas-Houston
Critical Care, Vanderbilt University
General Medicine/Pediatrics, Woodlawn, AL
2014-2015 Chief Resident
2014-2015 Chief Resident
Nephrology, UAB
General Pediatrics, Atlanta, GA

2013 Graduates:  
Tori Anderson                           Private practice, Birmigham, AL
Holley Beam  Private practice, Carrolton, Georgia
Nick Cajacob    GI Fellowship, UAB
Christine Campbell  ER Fellowship, UAB
Meghan Dishong    Hospitalist, OH
Jennifer Feldhaus   Private practice, Shelbyville, Tennessee
Christina Fettig   Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Matt Halliday          Neonatology Fellowship, MUSC
Miles Harmon    Neonatology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Catherine Hough-Telford  Infectious Disease Fellowship, UAB
Elizabeth Irons           Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Adam Johnson    ER Fellowship, Denver, CO
John Kelleher   Neonatology, Ireland
Brandon Kirkland    PICU Fellowship, University of Utah
Matt Kreth    Pulmonology fellowship, UAB
Mary Allyson Lowry    GI Fellowship, Vanderbilt University
Ginger Menendez     Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Cassandra Nosser  Hospitalist, Dothan, Alabama
Shawna Reshard     Hospitalist, Johns Hopkins
Kate Silver      Rheumatology fellowship, MUSC
Brett Turner     Pulmonology fellowship, UAB
Hennessy Williams  Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
2012 Graduates:  
Jennifer Bryson     Private practice, Pensacola, Florida
Dan Carter   Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Bill Covington   Hospitalist, College Station, Texas
Jacque Covington Hospitalist, College Station, Texas
Chris Dodd   Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Vanderbilt University
Victoria Fox-Behrle  Private practice, Arizona
Aaron Grubbs  ID Fellowship, UAB
Cynthia Hill   Private practice, Gadsden, Alabama
Tom Ireland    Neurology Fellowship, UAB
Anna Lara Private practice, Houston, Texas
Linnea Larson- Williams Endocrinology Fellowship, UAB Pediatrics
Zach LeBlanc Hematology/oncology Fellowship, UAB
Kelly McMillan Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Mary Olive  Cardiology Fellowship, Baylor University
Bryan Patterson  Private practice, Houston, Texas
Haley Polhill ER Fellowship, University of Utah
Keishaun Proctor   Private practice, Atlanta, Georgia
Katherine Rochelle  Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Justin Schwartz   Behavior and Development fellowship, Boston, Massachusetts
Erika Smith GI Fellowship, UAB
Julia Stewart Private practice, Birmingham, Alabama
Kelli Stringer  Hospitalist, Hunstville, Alabama
Martha Woodrum   Private practice, Houston, Texas