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Stagno Morning Report

On June 18, 2014, the UAB Pediatrics Residency Program renamed Morning Report to Stagno Report in honor of Dr. Sergio Stagno for his dedication to the residency program and the education of residents. The Stagno Report takes place every morning at 7:55 in the Bradley Lecture Center. Cases are generally presented by upper level residents and led by the chief residents. Residents on GIPS, subspecialty rotations, PICU and NICU all present on a rotating basis, discussing a wide variety of cases. Ethics Stagno Report occurs once a month. The Stagno Report is always well attended by residents, medical students, fellows, and attendings alike. It is interactive with resident and attending participation concerning the history, physical exam, differential diagnosis, and management of the case. Because of these aspects, an engaging discussion takes place every morning, with multiple learning points.

Outpatient Stagno Report is held every Wednesday at 7:30am. Residents who are on outpatient rotations lead and participate in the Outpatient Stagno Report. Breakfast is also provided for those in attendance. Community pediatricians and faculty are invited, but this is specifically a resident and intern led activity, usually discussing an outpatient pediatric topicJournal Club takes place once a month during outpatient Stagno report, allowing residents to develop skills necessary to critically review medical literature.

Noon Conference

Noon conference takes place every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the Bradley Lecture Center. Residents are provided with a free, hot meal on a daily basis during these lectures. In addition, all residents’ pagers are held and answered by the chief residents so that the residents will be able to spend the hour focused on the lecture. Noon conferences are given by faculty and staff. The material covered is based on an 18 month curriculum created by the curriculum committee that covers Pediatric Board Specifications from each subspecialty.  Noon conferences are available online for residents.  

In July of each year, there is a special series presented that covers basic patient care and emergency situations among the Pediatric subspecialties, to provide a foundation of knowledge for residents and interns. 

Senior Talks are given once per month, which also take place during the noon conference hour. Two of the senior residents (third year categorical pediatrics and fourth year med/peds residents) present a 30 minute evidence based medicine talk on a topic of their choice.