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Spring Scramble 2014 5K Race Course

The course starts in Downtown Homewood and travels through the heart of Homewood, passing near Grove Park and then Dawson Baptist Church before returning to Downtown Homewood. Parking is available throughout Downtown Homewood adjacent to race area.


Below is a detail of the starting line and finish line.  The race starts on 18th street in Homewood just north of Oxmoor Road.  It travels north until taking a left of 28th Avenue South. 


The course follows 28th Avenue South, which becomes Central Avenue.  The next turn is right onto Parkridge Drive, then left on Manhattan Street.


The next turn is right onto Dale Avenue, then left onto Irving Road, then left on St Charles Street, then left on Stuart Street, then left on Evergreen Avenue, then right onto Manhattan Street again.


Once back on Manhattan Street, the next turn is right onto Parkridge Drive and then right on Central Avenue.  There is a turn-around just before Oxmoor Road and then the course goes back toward the start along Central Avenue.


The final portion of the course goes back along Central Avenue, then 28th Avenue, then right on Crescent Avenue, then left on Reese Street, and then left on 18th Street to the finish line.