Child Health Research Unit (CHRU)
The Child Health Research Unit (CHRU) is open to all UAB and CHS investigators with IRB approved protocols.  It provides outpatient space and equipment for clinical and translational research into diseases manifest in childhood.

Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP)
The Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP) provides a pool of trained, certified research nurses and coordinators to assist with study implementation, including budget planning and negotiation, adherence to regulatory requirements, communication with sponsors and quality control.  CRSP support can be accessed at Children’s of Alabama, within the CHRU, or elsewhere.

Pediatric Research Office (PRO)
The Pediatric Research Office (PRO) provides special expertise in the pre-award stage with the completion of forms for OSP and navigation of their systems.  It also provides help identifying funding and training opportunities, and with the planning and editing of applications. Office personnel ensure that guidelines are followed appropriately, and provide assistance with informatics and with statistical planning and analysis.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Library
A UAB Workgroup developed template SOPs that are available for your use. These are drafts and should be tailored to your area.  This is not a complete list and new SOPs will be added over time.  This page also provide several templates for logs and checklists.  The logs can help you track key study information and support your team's efforts to meet Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.

Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
The CCTS offers opportunities such as mini-sabbaticals and research vouchers for investigators across campus.  Mini-sabbaticals provide short-term "immersion" opportunities for investigators seeking specific research experience or training, including matching funds to help facilitate the experience.  Research vouchers of up to $5,000 in direct support may be used to offset expenses for clinical and translational research services including clinical research units, sample handling and biospecimen storage, necessary laboratory tests, study design and methodology, database handling, and informatics.  The CCTS also provides research panels for review and refinement of ideas or grant applications.

UAB Core Facilities
UAB has a number of core facilities that offer cutting edge instruments, resources and technologies that are beyond the research of an individual laboratory.  The core facilities listed here are available for use by investigators and trainees across the entire UAB research enterprise.