Are you new to coordinating clinical research at COA?  Contact Melissa McBrayer (or 205.934.4689) in the Pediatric Research Office to receive updates on the following forms and processes.

Conducting Clinical Research at COA

  • COA Research Pre-registration (10.29.18v2) Word
    Complete for any research visit to COA that could generate a bill including professional fees. 
  • Table of Contacts for Clinical Research Fees (v11.08.18) PDF
    Contact Cheryl Perry for more on developing clinical trial budgets.
  • COA Study Budget Costs Word 
    Use to request costs for COA procedures from Pam Barlow. Note: Blood draws no longer incur a fee at COA.
  • COA New Patient (v01.02.18) PDF or Word
    Complete for study subjects never before seen at COA (no existing MRN).
  • COA Laboratory Test Request are now completed as an electronic order in I-Connect
    Contact Kadambari Naik of COA with questions.
  • COA Phlebotomy Services Request Form for Research Study (version effective 11.07.16)  PDF

COA Research Pharmacy Forms

  • Release of Drugs for Human Research Use Word
  • Investigational Study Checklist for Coordinators  Word
  • FACTS about Billing for the Investigational Study Pharmacy Read
    Contact Adrienne Travis, PharmD, COA Investigational Pharmacist, with questions.

How-to Request Research Study Monitor Access to COA

If a research study monitor needs to visit COA Medical Records Department or needs I-Connect information, please follow the steps below to request, complete and submit the COA Researcher Project Provisioning Form.

  1. Requestor, typically a research coordinator, contacts the COA IT Customer Support Desk and requests the  COA Researcher Project Provisioning Form.  You may also email directly to request the form.
  2. Complete the form with dates and signatures by the sponsoring physician / researcher.
  3. Scan/email the form to  Alternatively, the form may be faxed to 205.638.6568 if scanning/email is unavailable. The turnaround time to approval should be 3 to 5 days unless the form is unsigned or there is information missing.
  4. The COA Provisioning Team notifies the requestor and sends an electronic copy to the researcher via email.
  5. The COA Provisioning Team also notifies COA Medical Records (William Woloszyn) and COA Risk Management Department (Kathleen Street) that a research request has been processed for that person and sends them a copy of the form to keep on file.

Professional Opportunities and Training for Study Coordinators

The PRO started the Pediatric Research Study Coordinator Lunch and Learn lunch-time event to share information and best practices for conducting research at COA. The target audience includes study coordinators, research nurses, clinical trial administrators and other key clinical research staff that support the implementation of pediatric research. Click on an agenda date to see topics covered.  Contact Melissa McBrayer with questions or suggestions for future topics.
March 9, 2018  ||  August 24, 2018 ||  December 12, 2018
December 13, 2017  ||  September 5, 2017  ||  May 17, 2017 

The Alabama SOCRA chapter of the Society of Clinical Research Administrators holds meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 2-3p.m.  Learn more about the Certified Clinical Research Professional designation hereOnline trainings are available.  Contact Susan Branscum for more information.

The NIH-funded Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) offers trainings, from lunchtime brown bags to a 6-week and 6-month certificate programs in the latest clinical and translational research competencies, to strengthen the research skills of every member of the research team.  Webpage with slides from the quarterly CCTS Clinical Trials Lunch and Learn are hereContact Mikela Knox in the CCTS for more information.

Other Resources

DOP Industry Budgets

  • Industry budget negotiation flowchart 
  • DOP Financial Officers list
  • Contact Cheryl Perry for DOP Policy for Industry-Sponsored Studies

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Library

SOP Workgroup developed template SOPs.  Templates are drafts should be tailored to your area. 

Need IRB consent forms in Spanish? 

Email for translation.