Personal illness or injury can significantly impact the lives of individuals and their families. Our highly-skilled specialists are devoted exclusively to the practice of rehabilitation medicine, utilizing advanced research, technology, and expertise to provide the highest level of patient care to maximize recovery.

A Physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our physiatrists are Board Certified and direct our primary treatment team that includes:

  • Licensed Psychologists and Neuropsychologists who develop and apply treatment strategies in counseling patients and their families;
  • Certified Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses who provide patients with advanced healthcare services and education;
  • Physical Therapists who help improve overall health and restore functional skills and abilities such as bed mobility, transfers, walking, range of motion, and balance;
  • Occupational Therapists who utilize adaptive equipment such as splints and braces to improve activities of daily living and help patients with problem solving, safety awareness, money management, and other issues;
  • Speech-Language Pathologists, sometimes called Speech Therapist, who work with people who have problems with swallowing, sounds, rhythm and fluency, and voice; and
  • Social Workers who work with patients and families to identify problem issues in their time of need and link them to essential resources.