The Magic CityBirmingham

Founded in 1871 as a steel-making center, Birmingham exploded onto the map almost overnight, quickly growing into the largest city in Alabama and earning the nickname "The Magic City." Today, Birmingham is a center of health care, finance, research and development, and advanced technology.

Birmingham is a very special place to live, combining the advantages of city life without the disadvantages that accompany living in a large urban area. In fact, Birmingham ranks in the top 10 on's list of Best Downtowns. Visitors and residents alike can see some of what Birmingham has to offer at . You can enjoy the lush green parks dotting the urban areas, plus the many museums, historic sites, and recreational facilities. Birmingham also boasts an active cultural community and excellent shopping as well as reasonably priced housing - some banks even offer 100 percent mortgages to residents. To top it off, the city enjoys a pleasant climate year-round. Birmingham is truly a "Magic City," providing employment, cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities for everyone.
If diversity were a place, it would be Birmingham.  People who visit here get a taste of that variety—in entertainment, cuisine, the arts, nightlife, the great outdoors—that brings them back time and again.