Dear Prospective Applicant,

There is no medical specialty in which your relationship with your patients will be more rewarding, or the need for your skill any greater. Opportunities for private patient care and/or academic appointments in physical medicine and rehabilitation are abundant, and the demand for physicians who have specialized in this area is growing much faster than the supply of trained specialists.

The UAB Department of PM&R is recognized nationally for its comprehensive rehabilitation programs. This site is designed to acquaint you with our facilities and programs and introduces you briefly to the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the city of Birmingham.

The hub of activities for the Department of PM&R is the Spain Rehabilitation Center. This outstanding facility is an integral part of UAB Hospital and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

This provides clinical training leading to certification in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry). The primary emphasis of the program is to provide an individualized educational experience for residents who wish to become outstanding physicians in the rewarding field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. With a broad spectrum of medical specialties available within the medical center, the Department of PM&R is able to offer outstanding patient care, education, and research.

Please explore this information, which describes our physical medicine and rehabilitation program. Then we urge you to consider a residency in this rewarding specialty.

Dr. KirkseyKeneshia Kirksey, MD
Associate Professor, Dept. of PM&R
Residency Program Director/GME Training
Dr. Kirksey's Bio

Danielle Powell, MD
Associate Professor, Dept. of PM&R
Associate Program Director/GME Training
Dr. Powell's Bio