Rehabilitation Therapy Services is the heart of inpatient care. Under the leadership of our PM&R physicians, licensed and/or certified therapists provide patients with a minimum of 3 hours of direct, personalized treatment each day to maximize functional recovery with a goal of improving quality of life and reintegrating them to home and community. Treatment plans may include:

  • Physical Therapy to help improve overall health and restore functional skills and abilities such as bed mobility, transfers, walking, range of motion, and balance;
  • Occupational Therapy to utilize adaptive equipment such as splints and braces to improve activities of daily living and help patients with problem solving, safety awareness, money management, and other issues;
  • Speech-Language Therapy to treat problems with swallowing, sounds, rhythm and fluency, and voice;
  • Music Therapy to provide relaxing, entertaining interventions for anxiety, depression, pain and emotional/spiritual support; and
  • Recreational Therapy to provide patients with leisure activities to ease the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive transition back to community living.