Dr. Ceren Yarar-Fisher is the director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Research Lab. The current focus in the lab is understanding:

  • the mechanisms by which skeletal muscle adaptation influences the risk of developing metabolic disorders in individuals with SCI;

  • the molecular mechanisms by which neuromuscular electrical stimulation intervention influences metabolic and hypertrophic adaptations in the paralyzed muscle;

  • the molecular mechanisms by which early utilization of ketogenic diet influences neuro-recovery and metabolism in patients with acute and sub-acute spinal cord injury; and

  • translating the findings of mechanisms underlying the etiology of metabolic disorders into the development of efficacious clinical and home-based nutrition and exercise interventions that will improve long-term health outcomes and quality of life in individuals with SCI.

Her laboratory is located at 507 Shelby Biomedical Sciences Building and is staffed by 1 full-time laboratory manager. It contains work areas for immunofluorescence, light and confocal microscopy, RT-PCR/in situ hybridization, immunoblotting, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), cell and tissue culture, spectrophotometry, and digital darkroom imaging.

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