li li uab psychiatry

Associate Professor
Medical Director of Outpatient Public Sector Addiction Services

Areas of Interest
- Mood Disorders
- Opioids Dependence


Li Li is a board certified general psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist, and an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Dr. Li Li received her MD from the Hubei Medical College, Wuhan University, and Ph.D from the Georgia State University. Then she joined the Psychiatry residency at UAB. Upon completing her residency training, Dr. Li was appointed as a physician-scientist at the UAB in 2013. She was appointed as the medical director for Outpatient Addiction Services at UAB. She has provided services for patients in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. She is also an independent investigator with experiences in early lie stress, substance use and psychiatric disorders. She is currently leading a SAMHSA study targeting providers at UAB to increase their knowledge to substance use disorder, and to expand the access to medications for opioid use disorder (H79TI082550-02, SAMHSA), and a community based project on substance use and mental health comorbidities in Alabamians using telemedicine (Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts).

Education & Training 

Georgia State University
Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, Pathology and Related Sciences, 2005

Doctor of Medicine, 1993

UAB Hospital
Residency 2013

UAB Hospital
Postdoctoral Fellowship 2009

UAB Hospital
Postdoctoral Fellowship 2006

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