kano uab psychiatry

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest
-  Neuroimmunology
-  Glia biology
-  Psychosis


Shinichi Kano is a researcher with expertise in neuroimmunology and biological psychiatry. He started his career as molecular and cellular immunologist, and then completed his postdoctoral research in psychiatry. During his postdoctoral work, he established in vitro human cell models to study biological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia. His research also provided insight into immune-mediated mechanisms in psychiatric disorders. Based on these training, he established a research team to investigate brain-immune interaction in health and disease. He joined UAB in 2019 and his lab currently focuses on the immunology of brain function and homeostasis, with cutting edge technologies in molecular, cellular, and functional biology.

Education & Training 

The University of Tokyo
Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology, 2006

The University of Tokyo
Doctor of Medicine,  2002

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