The Deplahtiartment of Psychiatry has announced that Adrienne Lahti, M.D. has been appointed as the Vice Chair for Research Training and Faculty Development. According to the Chair of Psychiatry, Dr. James Meador-Woodruff, Dr. Lahti, the Patrick H. Linton Endowed Professor of Psychiatry, is "an outstanding and passionate clinician and educator, a well-funded and talented investigator, a forceful advocate for the needs of those with schizophrenia". In addition to stepping into her new leadership position in the Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Lahti will continue as the Director of the Division of Behavioral Neurobiology.

Dr. Meador-Woodruff went on to explain that while the Department of Psychiatry has enjoyed the robust growth of their research enterprise over the past five years, the Department realized that they have significant opportunities to elevate the early career research and academic development of their faculty and trainees. Under Dr. Lahti's leadership, Psychiatry will continue to partner with their education leaders to further invigorate their residency research track by focusing particular emphasis on enhancing recruitment efforts, furthering curriculum development, and insuring the academic success of their graduates. Dr. Lahti will also lead the Department's efforts to obtain additional NIH funding for their research training programs, work to further expand their early faculty mentorship committees for all of their academically-oriented junior faculty members, and continue the oversight of their undergraduate research students. Dr. Meador-Woodruff finished by saying, "With Dr.  Lahti's added leadership, the Department of Psychiatry will continue our efforts to make UAB and our department an even better home for our talented scientists."