Tiffany Nowell, Ph.D.
Director of Psychology Internship Training

Dr. Tiffany Nowell, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry has been selected as the new Training Director of the UAB-BVAMC Psychology Internship Consortium. Since joining the Department less than two years ago, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to clinical training providing therapy supervision to psychology interns, graduate students and residents.

Dr. Nowell currently serves as a clinician providing outpatient psychotherapy and assessment services. Her experience with the LGBTQ population has been integral to the expansion of access for those patients as well as partnerships within UAB primary care clinics and select inpatient programs. Dr. Nowell received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2015 from Saint Louis University School of Medicine followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Prior to joining UAB Psychiatry, Dr. Nowell served as a Staff Psychologist at the University of Denver Health and Counseling Center.

Adrienne Lahti, M.D.
Director of the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center

Dr. Adrienne Lahti, the F. Cleveland Kinney Endowed Chair Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology, has been selected as Director of the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center (CNC). Since joining UAB Psychiatry in 2006, Dr. Lahti has been an active participant in the programs and activities of the CNC. For the past several years, she has served as a member of the CNC Faculty Advisory Committee and was instrumental in helping the CNC establish the Alabama Advanced Imaging Consortium.

Dr. Lahti is currently a tenured professor and Vice Chair for Research Training and Faculty Development in Psychiatry. A seasoned clinician-leader she recognized for establishing the first clinic in Alabama to focus on first episode psychosis for patients from their late teens to early adulthood. Dr. Lahti also leads the Neuroimaging and Translational Research Laboratory dedicated to the study of schizophrenia using multimodal brain imaging techniques. In addition to her research and leadership roles, she is an active clinician, providing psychiatric care to patients with late life schizophrenia at the UAB Community Psychiatry Program.

Soumya Sivaraman, M.D.
Director of Electroconvulsive Therapy Services

The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to announce that Dr. Soumya Sivaraman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry has been selected to serve as the new Director of Electroconvulsive Therapy Services. Since joining UAB Psychiatry, Dr. Sivaraman has expanded ECT services to an operational level that hasn’t been seen since 1999. Her extensive training in ECT and knowledge of best practices has been vital to improving operational standards for efficient, patient-centered provision of ECT services and related quality projects. In addition to overseeing ECT operations, Dr. Sivaraman will continue teaching and mentoring trainees on this important, life-saving procedure.

Dr. Sivaraman completed her medical training at Coimbatore Medical College and National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in India. She completed her residency in General Psychiatry at UAB in 2017 before joining the department as Assistant Professor.

James T. Cullinan, D.O.
Interim Division Director for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. James Cullinan, Associate Professor in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has been appointed as Interim Division Director for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Cullinan currently serves as Director of UAB Child Psychiatry Clinical Services as well as Training Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program.  In addition to his leadership roles, Dr. Cullinan is an active clinician, providing inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care to children and adolescents both at UAB and Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

Dr. Cullinan graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995. He went on to complete his residency at SUNY Stony Brook in General Psychiatry followed by a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In 2001, he joined UAB Psychiatry as an Assistant Professor, and in 2010 was promoted to Associate Professor.