Department of Psychiatry clinicians have years of experience in therapy and psychopharmacologic management of complicated diagnostic problems. The mission of the Department of Psychiatry Ambulatory Clinics are to provide cutting edge outpatient psychiatric care to patients with a wide variety of psychiatric problems. 

Programs and Services

  • Diagnostic assessments including neuropsychiatric evaluation for learning disorders, cognitive disorders, ADHD, transplantation, bariatric surgery and egg donation
  • Psychopharmacology assessment and management of all psychiatric and substance use disorders
  • Psychoanalysis is provided by two analytically trained psychiatrists
  • Therapy services provided by psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists
  • Tertiary care consultation services for the treatment of resistant affective disorders, including outpatient ECT treatment
  • Outpatient assessment and treatment of substance use disorders


  • Individual psychotherapy including: supportive, psychodynamic and behavioral
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders, depression, health concerns, insomnia, chronic pain, smoking cessation, sleep behavioral disorders and ADHD
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Group therapy: structured ADHD and dialectic-behavioral therapy groups
  • First episode clinic: Diagnostic evaluation and state-of-the-art care for adolescents and adults showing early signs of potential psychotic spectrum conditions
  • Community psychiatry clinic for severly mentally ill
  • Culturally competent outpatient psychopharmacoloyg and therapy for the LGBTQ community
  • Mood disorder program, behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) program in affiliation with the UAB Sleep/Wake Disorder Center. The BSM program provides non-pharmacological interventions for sleep disorders in a variety of adult patient populations, including patients with co-morbid psychiatric diagnoses
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment


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Center for Psychiatric Medicine
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