Regardless of your preferred space, size, cost, community, or commute, the Birmingham Metro Area has a housing option that fits your needs and wishes. From industrial-style lofts downtown to small country cottages off the beaten path, you can find virtually any style of home in the neighborhoods and suburbs near UAB. To assist you in making the best housing decision for you, we have listed some of the most popular living choices for fellows and other UAB medical professionals.


The Parkside District sits at the heart of downtown Birmingham, along the railway that separates the city’s Northside and Southside neighborhoods, and spans over 30 blocks. Parkside is home to Railroad Park, Regions Field, the Birmingham Rotary Trail, Good People Brewery, the viaduct LightRails Installation, and many other attractions. This district is still growing, with plans for additional residential, shopping and dining destinations underway.


If you are in the market for an updated classic home in a quiet area removed from the hustle and bustle of Downtown, Crestwood is for you. Crestwood North mostly consists of updated bungalows, while Crestwood South is mostly updated 1950s-1960s ranch-style homes.  This neighborhood is very popular with residents, young attendings, and new families. Crestwood is near the thriving Avondale neighborhood, providing easy access to its restaurants, bars, and breweries.


Because of the nearby UAB campus' international draw, Southside is the most racially, ethnically, and socially diverse neighborhood in Birmingham. The neighborhood contains seven historic districts, each including an eclectic mix of houses built between 1890 and 1920. George Ward Park, Vulcan Trail, and the new Railroad Park afford residents with opportunities for outdoors recreation and scenic views.  Other attractions include Dreamland Bar-B-Que, Iron City, the Storyteller fountain, and the Alys Stephens Center. The Southside area has some of the lowest crime rates in the central city and holds many well-regarded schools.


Living in the Downtown Loft District, with its close proximity to not only UAB, but Railroad Park, Regions Field, and the many entertainment venues downtown, will help you save as much time as possible when commuting.  These lofts are all highly modern in design, but are constructed in and around historic Birmingham landmarks and buildings.  Downtown lofts also include some of the best views in all of Birmingham.


Highland Park consists mostly of updated historic apartments and large, historic homes.  The neighborhood is uniquely beautiful, complete with large, curved streets, huge trees, and multiple parks all within walking distance of most neighborhood homes.


Lakeview features historic and new apartments on the south end of the District and newer townhomes on the north end of the District. Lakeview is most well-known for its dining and entertainment offerings, with a concentration of restaurants, bars and nightclubs at the 29th Street and 7th Avenue area. Families from across Birmingham flock to Lakeview on Saturdays from April through December to visit Pepper Place Market, Alabama's largest farmer's market.



Homewood is a very pedestrian-friendly community, with many homes and apartments within walking distance of restaurants and public facilities like the Homewood Public Library, Homewood Community Center, and Homewood Central Park. The city hosts multiple family-oriented events and festivals centered around its parks and possesses great schools like Edgewood Elementary School and Shades Cahaba Elementary School.


Proximity to the area's many amazing resources is the primary draw of Vestavia Hills. Residents of Vestavia Hills will be close to Birmingham, Hoover, and Mountain Brook and their many parks, museums, and shopping centers. Vestavia Hills also possesses several excellent schools. Residents of Vestavia Hills praise the area's spacious housing options, safety, and beauty.


Those who live in Mountain Brook get the quiet life of a suburb with the ability to be in the heart of downtown in under 10 minutes.  Mountain Brook is divided into smaller “villages” that all have restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance. This city's school systems are top-notch, as are the city's local amenities and businesses.


Hoover is the largest suburb of Birmingham, with a population, school system, and economy to match. Hoover's schools, particularly Hoover High School, Spain Park High School, and Berry Middle School, are regularly ranked highly for their academic programs. Jefferson State Community College also maintains a campus in Hoover. Hoover is also home to the Riverchase Galleria, one of the largest shopping centers in the Southeast. The Hoover Library is an excellent community-focused resource which maintains not only a collection of books and magazines, but audiobooks, legal forms, board games, comics, movies, and video games.