This is a sampling of the clinical trials and research endeavors of the PRIMER investigators

Airway Management Research

- Airway Management Database Projects

ARDS/COVID-19 Clinical, Translational, and Bench Research

- ISPY COVID- Gandotra/Russell Lab
     - Adaptive platform randomized controlled trial of novel therapeutics for critically ill patients with COVID-19 in collaboration with other national thought leaders in ARDS management and pathophysiology
- Inflammatory Biomarkers in ARDS- Gaggar Lab
- Avelestat (COVID-19)- Wells Lab
- Ensifentrine (COVID-19)- Wells Lab
- aTyr1923 drug study- Duncan Lab
- CHIMERIX Study- Kulkarni Lab
- CCTS Enterprise Registry and Biorepository-collection of biospecimens of critically ill patients- Gaggar and Russell/Gandotra Labs
- CCTS CORE Critical Care Scientific Working Group
     - Directed by Drs. Gandotra and Russell, this project leverages local, national, and International bioinformatic tools for study of critical    illness.
- COVID-19 MICU Dataset (multiple ongoing database projects)- Russell/Gandotra Lab
- Pathogenetic mechanisms of severe COVID-19 pneumonia using autopsy and samples from the CCTS COVID Enterprise Biorepository- (multiple ongoing projects)
- MacDonald Lab (multiple ongoing projects, with focus on genetic factors in critical illness)

Sepsis Research

- The role of extracellular vesicles and heme in sepsis, septic shock, and lung inflammation/ARDS- Gaggar Lab