The Radiology Residency Program at UAB recognizes the Top Ten Teachers based upon resident evaluations of each faculty member. This is a semi-annual award to show appreciation to the faculty for their hard work and dedication to teaching. For July 1 – December 31, 2012 the following faculty received this honor. Note: All comments are from our Residents; not necessarily the ones pictured here.

Philip R. Chapman, M.D. (right) Neuroradiology Five time recipient of Top Ten Award.
  • It is always a great day when you are working with Dr. Chapman. He is very knowledgeable and always happy to teach and answer questions.
  • Great teacher and good attitude.
  • Dr. Chapman is an excellent teacher. I very much enjoyed working with him. He is also excellent with patients during procedures and is very efficient in the reading room.
  • Easily one of the top faculty/teachers at UAB; great teacher but also very enjoyable to talk to; really cares about the residents.

dubovsky 2
Eva V. Dubovsky, M.D., Ph.D. (left) Division of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics Nine time recipient of Top Ten Award.
  • One of the best attendings in the department! Devotes large amounts of time to teaching and education! Always trying to prepare residents for the boards!
  • Remains one of the best teachers in the entire department.
  • Excellent, very high yield teaching sessions.
  • Awesome Attending. Always a pleasure to work with. Goes out of her way to schedule multiple teaching sessions.

langston 2
Mark C. Langston, M.D. (right) Musculoskeletal Radiology Six time recipient of Top Ten Award.
  • Great teaching, as always.
  • Incredibly smart and approachable, he is probably one of the best teachers on the faculty. His review of MRI anatomy and approach to report generation/search pattern is invaluable. Makes complex topics simple and logical. Enjoyable to work with. I wish he was scheduled for more noon lectures!

larrison 2
Matthew C. Larrison, M.D.
(left) Musculoskeletal Radiology Eight time recipient of Top Ten Award.
  • Dr. Larrison is an awesome teacher. Always takes the time to give appropriate-level cases when time permits and encourages residents to take a hands-on approach to learning with procedures. By far one of my favorite MSK attendings to work with and an asset to our program.
  • Excellent teacher and great resource for fellows. Works hard to improve the MSK department for its members and also to improve the perception of MSK radiology by referring clinicians.

morgan 2
Desiree E. Morgan, M.D. Body Imaging Ten time recipient of Top Ten Award.
  • Dr. Morgan was a fantastic teacher and was clearly devoted to resident education. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her patience with me as a new resident.
  • One of the best!
  • Great teacher, enjoyed learning from her.
  • Dr. Morgan was great to work with and went through each case thoroughly. She was really helpful on this rotation and was very invested in my education as a resident.

jsmith 2
Joshua P. Smith, M.D. (right) Musculoskeletal Radiology Second time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Really enjoyed working with Dr. Smith. He was very interested in using every opportunity to teach. He always allowed me to get involved with procedures and was very encouraging and supportive. He was a great part of the rotation.
  • Very good radiologist who loves to teach. We are lucky to have him as an attending.
  • Outstanding faculty. Goes out of his way to teach us something, show cases and follow-up on difficult cases.

Sushilkumar K. Sonavane, M.D. (right) Cardiopulmonary Radiology First time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Teaches a lot, enjoys teaching.
  • One of the best view box teachers in the department. Always takes a moment to show interesting cases and bring teaching points to check outs, each day.
  • Pleasant to work with! Enthusiastic. Great teacher, makes an effort to show interesting cases.
  • Great teacher and clinician; hopefully will be around for a while.

Torgerson 2
Charles L. Torgerson, II, M.D. (left) Pediatric Radiology Five time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Great teacher. Really enjoyed working with him. Takes an interest in the residents.
  • Makes learning fun and interesting! Always enjoy going over cases with Dr. Torgerson!

vattoth 2
Surjith Vattoth, M.D. (right) Neuroradiology Five time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Incredible attitude and incredible cases at morning conference with superb teaching skills.
  • Dr. Vattoth is an excellent teacher and a pleasure to work with.
  • Great teacher! Made work environment fun and always took the time to teach when possible. Really enjoyed having Dr. Vattoth as an attending. A real asset to our program.
  • Great teacher at the workstation!

Jonathan W. Walter, M.D. Musculoskeletal Radiology Second time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Great teacher, great personality. It's always a pleasure working with Dr. Walter.
  • Dr. Walter was one of the best faculty members that I've worked with to date in terms of dedication to resident education. I felt like the teaching was great and there were plenty of opportunities for short teaching sessions that were informative and helpful.
  • Very good radiologist. Works very hard to teach and help out. Looks for opportunities to teach from nearly every case we go over.

Jubal R. Whatts, Jr., M.D. Cardiothoracic Radiology Nine time recipient of Top Ten Award
  • Dr. Watts is a superb faculty attending. His viewbox discussions, lecture conferences, and overall teaching attitude are top notch. He helped bring an important emphasis of cardiac pathology to the rotation, particularly by his lectures.
  • Great teacher. I really appreciate his taking the time to show cases when the workload is slow.
  • Great teacher! Teaching is a priority and makes a point to show cases every day. Arranges special teaching conferences. Always available for questions. Creates a positive atmosphere for learning!