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Congratulations to Dr. Mark Lockhart for his Certificate of Achievement from the Academy of Radiology Leadership and Management.

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Dr. Georg Deutsch has been appointed to the External Experts Panel (EEP ‐ concentration in neuroimaging) for the NIH‐NIDDK Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction Research Network (LURN).

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Special Acknowledgements
Dr. Mark Lockhart received the Abdominal Imaging Editor’s Recognition Award, Distinguished Reviewer, August 2015.

Dr. Janis O’Malley was interviewed and featured in the August 2015 AJR InBrief where she reviewed the key concepts and outlined the requirements for becoming an authorized user of radiopharmaceuticals.

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Special Acknowledgements
Dr. Almodovar
has been appointed to the PET Center of Excellence Board of Directors for the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.
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Special Acknowledgements
Dr. Samuel Almodovar began his term in May 2015 as the new President of the Alabama Society of Nuclear Medicine for 2015-2016 . He was also invited to be a member of the Committee for General Diversity of the American College of Radiology and member of the ACR Economics Committee for Nuclear Medicine.
Dr. Glenn Roberson has been appointed to two ACR committees for 2015-2016; Committee on Economics – Neuro, and Committee on Practice Parameters – Neuro.
Dr. Sushilkumar Sonavane was a contributing author to the ACR-Lung Cancer Screening eLearning Program. Editor-in-Chief Jeffery Kanne. Released May 2015.  15 CME credits offered.
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Special Acknowledgements
Dr. Lockhart and Dr. Tessler both received the 2014 Editor’s Recognition Award for Reviewing with Special Distinction in Radiology.
Dr. Robbin received two Editor’s Recognition Awards; one in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and the other in American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine.
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Special Acknowledgements
Dr. Desiree Morgan has been awarded an ABR Lifetime Service Award (2015) in acknowledgement and appreciation of her ongoing exceptional service in fulfilling the ABR mission.
Dr. Michelle Robbin has received an Editor’s Recognition Award from Radiology.
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