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The UAB Cyclotron Facility enables a broad scope of research and cutting-edge patient care through initiatives ranging from novel isotope production to developing and supplying state-of the art molecular imaging agents for clinical trials and routine patient care.

Isotope production at the UAB Cyclotron facility is enabled by our TR24 cyclotron capable of variable energy proton acceleration. Four target stations allow for versatile isotope production through a variety of different production routes.

UAB’s cyclotron is in immediate proximity to our cGMP radiochemistry facility and nuclear pharmacy. Additionally, it is in proximity to the UAB Advanced Imaging Facility equipped with two TOF-PET/CT’s and the only PET/MRI in the state.

In addition to the production of commonly used PET radioisotopes such as fluorine-18, carbon-11, and nitrogen-13 we specialize in the production and shipping of unique radiometals for clinical and preclinical use.

The UAB Cyclotron Facility makes use of faculty chemistry expertise in isotope production and the radiosynthesis of novel molecules to bring new agents online in a timely fashion. Collaborations with basic scientists in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biomedical engineering are also ongoing.

What is a Cyclotron?

Science in 60 Seconds: Cyclotron!

Find out how a cyclotron works, and what makes UAB's new cyclotron unique among U.S. academic medical centers.

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Advanced Imaging News


Jim Stephens and HSF fund new PET MRI

As part of the faculty/staff campaign of The Campaign for UAB, the physicians at The University of Alabama Health Services Foundation (HSF) have provided a lead gift of $2.5 million. The funds will be used toward the purchase of a cutting-edge PET MRI.
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