Cyclotron Facility Director & Radiochemistry Laboratory Director

Suzanne E. Lapi, Ph.D.
 Lapi Group 12 20 18

Lapi Research Group:

Jean Pierre Appiah - Cyclotron Engineering Manager
Tolulope Aweda, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Jennifer Bartels, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Jose Blanco - Research Assistant
Brian Brooks - Cyclotron Operator
Ivis Chaple - Graduate Research Assistant
Amber Crim Judd - Program Administrator
Tyler Croft, PharmD, RPh - Cyclotron Radiopharmacist
Maxwell Ducharme, Graduate Student Trainee
Retta El Sayed - Student Assistant
Solana Fernandez, Researcher II
Samuel Ferran - Graduate Research Assistant
Dhruval Gadhia - Undergraduate Student Assistant
Hailey Houson, PhD - Post Doc Fellow
Denise Jeffers, RPh - Cyclotron Supervising Radiopharmacist
Erin King - Undergraduate Student Assistant
C. Shaun Loveless - Graduate Research Assistant
Adriana Massicano, Ph.D., MSc - Staff Scientist
Candace Parker - Graduate Student Trainee
Jennifer Pyles - Graduate Research Assistant
Jason Rider - Cyclotron Operator
Grace Thaggard - Undergraduate Student Assistant
Brian Wright, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist

The Lapi research group is currently accepting graduate students in Chemistry. For more information, please contact us.

Please also visit the Lapi Group website @ Lapi Lab