Charlotte Denise Jeffers, BSPharm, RPh.

Director of Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assurance
Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist, UAB Cyclotron PET Production Facility, UAB Nuclear Pharmacy, Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research | 205-975-6469

Ms. Jeffers received her BSPharm from Auburn University and completed her Nuclear Pharmacist Education and Training from the University of Arkansas and University of New Mexico. Ms. Jeffers completed a Radiopharmacy Internship with Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy Services and received her Authorized User Certification in 2004. Ms. Jeffers joined UAB’s Radiology Department in August of 2012 as the Supervising Nuclear Pharmacist and Compliance Officer for the newly developed Cyclotron Innovations for Alabama. Ms. Jeffers will be in charge of providing patient specific sterile radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic use. In addition, she will be involved in PET and SPECT radiopharmaceutical research and clinical trials.  Another aspect of her role will be developing and maintaining a nuclear pharmacy facility that is compliant with Federal and State regulations such as USP <797>, Radiation Safety, DOT, OSHA, Biohazard Waste & Safety, and HIPPA. In addition, Ms. Jeffers will oversee FDA cGMP part 212 compliance of the cyclotron facility.