The primary location is in the Volker Hall Education and Research Tower, a building centrally located within the UAB campus such that interactions with other colleagues in the Medical School and Basic Science Departments are convenient. The facility (~4000 square feet) includes 6 labs: Rooms G082G, G082G1, and G082H (radiotracer preparation, imaging, tissue harvest, in vitro assays, biochemistry, gel electrophoresis, centrifugations, etc.); Rooms B021 and B021A (in vivo Imaging Suite), Room G082J (ultrasonics research); Room G082K (tissue culture, flow cytometry); Room B054M (animal housing). Volker Hall Laboratories currently houses a gamma camera and a custom-built Leica Stereomicroscope for animal imaging. Additional rodent imaging capabilities in Volker Hall include: SPECT/CT system (GammaMedica X-SPECT) for 3-dimensional SPECT imaging in combination with X-ray CT, microPET/CT (GE Triumph), two IVIS-100 systems (Xenogen) for bioluminescence/fluorescence imaging, Vevo-6600 high frequency ultrasound imaging instrument (Visualsonics), SONIX RP ultrasound research system (Ultrasonix), time-domain fluorescence scanner (Explore Optix, GE/ART), and a Bruker 9.4T MR system.