The Manager of this effort is Kurt R. Zinn DVM, MS, PhD.  Dr. Zinn is Professor of Radiology, Medicine, and Pathology and Director of the Division of Advanced Medical Imaging Research in Radiology.  Dr. Zinn is also Director of the CCC Small Animal Imaging Shared Facility. He is knowledgeable in radiochemistry, biochemistry, animal models of disease, molecular biology, and imaging. Since arrival at UAB in 1995, Dr. Zinn has focused his full effort on the application of molecular imaging in animal models.  His research efforts include imaging of protein-protein interactions by optical methods, and establishing technologies to link blood-based screening with optical imaging for early detection of cancer.

Sharon Samuel is the Lab Manager and is highly qualified to perform all aspects of imaging development both in vitro and in vivo.  Ms. Samuel conducts cell culture, in vitro assays, immunohistochemistry, animal imaging (including animal injections), and data analysis.  Ms. Samuel is also trained in research applications with Ad vectors and surgery (orthotopic implantations).  Ms. Samuel was promoted to Lab Manager in April of 2010 based on her skills and mastery of the day-to-day operations of imaging resources.