On-Call Responsibilities

Evening and weekend on-call responsibilities begin in the fall of the first year. The first year residents take introductory call evenings and weekend days alongside a more senior resident or a member of the faculty. First year residents do not give independent preliminary reports during this time. Independent call duty starts in the thirteenth month of training. Second and third-year residents cover the Emergency Department, neuro CT and general radiologic consultations for house staff from other clinical services.

Third- and fourth-year residents' on-call duties include body CT, ultrasound, radionuclide studies, and MRI. They also provide guidance and consultation for the junior radiology resident. Faculty radiologists are available for backup and come in when needed to review emergency and imaging cases and to assist in performance of major procedures. All residents taking in-house overnight call are relieved from clinical duties for the subsequent 24 hours.

Separate Interventional call occurs during the Interventional rotation and is home pager call.

Moonlighting is allowed, as long as it does not interfere with resident training and a moonlighting waiver is signed by both the Program Director and resident. The Program Director closely monitors moonlighting activities. There are several in-house moonlighting opportunities for all years of training.