edubovskyEva V. Dubovsky, MD, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Division of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics

Evaluation Comments:

An amazing resource of information and knowledge. Very dedicated towards a resident's education. A congenial personality to work alongside.
Fantastic teacher. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about resident education.
One of the most brillant and kindest clinicians I have had the pleasure to work with.


sgaddamanuguSiddhartha Gaddamanugu, MD
Assistant Professor, VAMC Section

Evaluation Comments:

Dr. Sid makes a point of making sure all the residents on rotation through the VA have excellent teaching and excellent clinical exposure every day.
Dr. Sid is fantastic, superb teacher as always, fun to work with.
One of the best attendings we have at UAB. Excellent educator.
Goes the extra mile to teach.

Grumley Scott Scott A. Grumley, MD
Assistant Professor, Cardiopulmonary Section

Evaluation Comments:
Truly cares about teaching first year residents and teaches in a practical, effective manner at a level that is easily comprehensible for a junior level resident.
Dr. Grumley is very helpful and instructive.
Very personable and enjoyable to work with. I am grateful he recently became a faculty member.


Lockhart MarkMark E. Lockhart, MD, MPH
Professor, Abdominal Imaging Section

Evaluation Comments:

Cares about resident education. Enjoy working with.
Prioritizes resident learning. Excellent teacher.
Solid teacher.
Very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with.

McConathy JonathanJonathan E. McConathy, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics

Evaluation Comments:
Great attending to work with.
Excellent faculty member. Does a great job at teaching.
An encouraging, bountiful resource of information.
Good clinical instructor.

Milner DesminDesmin M. Milner, MD
Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology Section

Evaluation Comments:

Committed to teaching.
Great teacher. Very nice and patient with residents.
Gives great teaching sessions. Excellent at explaining concepts and going over them in an easy to digest way.
Excellent attending radiologist!

dmorganDesiree E. Morgan, MD
Professor, Abdominal Imaging Section

Evaluation Comments:

Great teacher and asset to UAB.
Very helpful with GI procedures. Always offered tips for improvement which I really appreciated.
Very dedicated teacher.
Amazing fund of knowledge and excellent teacher!

Kristin PorterKristin K. Porter, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging Section

Evaluation Comments:

Excellent, engaging teacher. Prioritizes the inclusion of medical literature in day to day learning.
Dr. Porter is a blessing to UAB and the Body department. Brings a good perspective to clinical teaching.
Dr. Porter is an amazing and brilliant Radiologist who genuinely cares for her residents, patients, and fellow staff. It is always a pleasure to rotate with Dr. Porter.

Singh SatinderSatinder P. Singh, MD, FCCP, FNASCI
Professor, Cardiopulmonary Section

Evaluation Comments:

Dr. Singh has appropriate expectations for residents and does an outstanding job teaching. He clearly loves his job and this shows on a daily basis.
Great teacher with an incredible knowledge base of chest-based pathology.
Outstanding clinical instructor!
Great teacher, enthusiastic, and fun to work with. Gives good teaching points and feedback.

Smith AndrewAndrew D. Smith, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Abdominal Imaging Section

Evaluation Comments:

Very smart and an excellent teacher who is patient with residents.
Enthusiastic teacher.
Dr. Smith brings a great perspective to reporting templates and radiology research.
He provides great perspective.

Spann J StephenJ. Stephen Spann, Jr., MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology Section

Evaluation Comments:

Good at teaching first year residents basic MSK concepts.
Very knowledgeable.
Great evening attending.
Dr. Spann is great to work with. He is very approachable and gives excellent constructive feedback.

Tridandapani SriniSrini Tridandapani, PhD, MD, MBA
Professor, Cardiopulmonary Section

Evaluation Comments:

Great teacher and great addition to UAB.
Very helpful. Effective teacher.
Great attending. Excellent new addition to the Cardiopulmonary section.
Very nice to work with!