kim newHarrison Kim, PhD, MBA
Grant Number: UG3CA232820
Title: Disposable Perfusion Phantom for Accurate DCE-MRI Measurement of Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Response
Sponsor: NIH/National Cancer Institute
2 Year award totaling $763,402

Project Narrative
The purpose of this project is to validate a UAB-invented perfusion phantom as a clinical tool to measure pancreatic tumor response to therapy early and accurately in dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI). During UG3 phase, a disposable perfusion phantom and a data analysis software package will be developed. During UH3 phase, the clinical utility of those will be validated to improve the accuracy of DCE-MRI measurement for early assessment of pancreatic tumor response to therapy.

Larimer 3Benjamin M. Larimer, PhD
Grant Number: R00CA2115604
Title: Quantitative PET Imaging for Oncologic Immune Response Prediction
Sponsor: NIH/National Cancer Institute
3 year award totaling $744,213

Project Narrative

Immune checkpoint inhibitors activate the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, and have markedly advanced treatment options for patients with a broad variety of cancers. However, standard imaging methods are often not useful in response assessment of immune modulators due to a lack of change in tumor size or metabolic activity with an immune cell infiltrate. To address this unmet clinical and research need, a novel PET imaging approach will be utilized to measure T cell activation within a tumor as a new imaging paradigm for tumoral response evaluation to immune modulators.