Andrew SmithAndrew D. Smith, MD, PhD
Title: Quantitative CT Biomarkers to Predict Metastatic RCC Response to Antiangiogenic Therapy
Grant# W81XWH-19-1-0764
Sponsor: Department of Defense 
Period of performance: 09/15/2019 – 09/14/2021
Amount:  $445,000

Project Narrative: We will conduct post-hoc secondary analyses of 2 completed, landmark, multi-national, multi-institutional, randomized, prospective phase III trials of metastatic RCC treated with various anti-angiogenic targeted agents. Prospective phase III studies utilize well-defined objectives and are designed to reduce bias and assess the efficacy of targeted agents by providing detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria, recruiting a diverse group of patients from multiple institutions and nations, and using tightly regulated treatment protocols. The evaluation of multiple different targeted agents allows us to test our hypotheses and validate both the VTB biomarker and a newly develop machine-learning algorithm as accurate and reproducible methods for predicting PFS and OS in patients with metastatic RCC treated with different anti-angiogenic agents.