The UAB Department of Medicine released its research metrics report based on the completed forms in August 2013. The top 3 faculty members in each rank (total of 12 faculty) that scored the highest number of points included four faculty members in our Division:

  • Dr. Kenneth Saag – 1st in rank Professor
  • Dr. Jeffrey Curtis – 1st in rank Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jasvinder Singh – 3rd in rank Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jun Li – 3rd in rank Instructor

The Division will receive $56,550 this year, which represents ~16% of the $347,000 distributed by the DOM. Other recipients include Drs. Troy Randall, Harry Schroeder, Lou Bridges, Maio Danila, Hui-Chen Hsu, Bob Kimberly, John Mountz, Richard Reynolds, Andre Ballesteros, Larry Bradley, Chander Raman, Winn Chatham, Jeff Edberg, Sarah Morgan, Mike Fuller, Angelo Gaffo, Iris Navarro, Alex Szalai, and Tong Zhou.

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