Please cite grant numbers:  NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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Rheumatic Diseases Core Center (NIH/NIAMS 5P30 AR048311)
John D. Mountz, Director; O. Kutsch, T. Randall, Co-Directors

The Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Core (CFCC) seeks to enhance the power and productivity of the research of the members of the UAB Rheumatic Disease Core Center (RDCC), the CAMAC and the UAB user base through state-of-the-art flow cytometry and cell separation technologies and as well as outreach and education brainstorming activities.

To fulfill these goals, the CFCC is committed to:

      1. Service:To further improve service by continued improvements in equipment, through enhanced sophistication of our user base, optimal efficiency of sample analysis, rigorous quality control of all operations and maintenance of operator proficiency for technologically challenging applications.
        1. The core currently has two operational sites locating at the center of the UAB Research district.  Trained users have 24/7 access to the 2 FACSAria II sorters and the 2 LSRII analyzers. Additional highlights include the single cell sorting ability and high-throughput capability that both sites are equipped with.
      2. Outreach and Education:To provide informal tutorials, formal courses, symposia, and web-based information with the goals of increasing our user base through enhanced awareness of flow cytometry and introducing established users to newer technologies and applications.
        1. Education is also accomplished through bi-weekly Individualized Design of Experiments & Analyses sessions (IDEAs) in which the Director and Co-Directors interact directly with investigators to develop optimal protocols and applications to enable success of experiments.
      3. Development: To facilitate the next generation of flow cytometry technology in basic, translational and pre-clinical studies, the CFCC works extensively with RDCC, CAMAC and UAB investigators to develop FACS-assisted – Omics analyses to acquire the high throughput phospho-flow proteomics analysis and to incorporate the online available multi-dimensional flow cytometry data analysis software, such as Cytobank and SPADE (spanning-tree progression analysis of density-normalized events) into the analytical modules offered by the facility.
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