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Please cite grant numbers:  NIH P30 AR048311 and NIH P30 AI27667

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Mission of the CFCC at Shelby

  To enhance the power and productivity of the research of the members of the UAB Rheumatic Disease Core Center (RDCC).

  1. Service. To improve our equipment, through enhanced sophistication of our user base, optimal efficiency of sample analysis, rigorous quality control of all operations and maintenance of operator proficiency for technologically challenging applications.

  2. Outreach and Education. To provide informal tutorials, formal courses, and web-based information with the goals of increasing our user base through enhanced awareness of flow cytometry and introducing established users to newer applications.

  3. Development. To develop new applications in response to users' needs and to take full advantage of equipment capabilities, through discussions with users, participation in international flow cytometry meetings, and the inclusion of knowledgeable core users on our Scientific Advisory Committee and external advisors.


Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Core at Shelby (CFCC at Shelby)

John D. Mountz, MD, PhD, Director (4-8909, SHEL 307); jdmountz@uab.edu

Olaf Kutsch, PhD, Co-Director (4-1547, BBRB 510); okutsch@uab.edu

Troy Randall, PhD, Co-Director (5-3323, SHEL 507); randallt@uab.edu

Enid Keyser, Manager (4-1362, SHEL 271); efk@uab.edu


Supported by

NIH/NIAMS 5P30 AR048311 (Rheumatic Diseases Core Center)

NIH 3P30 AI027767-22S1 (ARRA to the Center for AIDS Research




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